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About Us

What first started as a project during college has grown to become what we know today as BST Watches. Founded by two value-centric watch enthusiasts; BST Watches was born on the soul concept of bringing value to customers around the world by providing the most competitive listing in the industry while maintaining an extremely personalized service.

We believe that anyone looking for their next luxury watch or simply trying to get rid of one that does not suit his/her needs anymore, deserves the help and guidance of an experienced watch collector that knows about a wide variety of brands and models while still taking into account current market trends and conditions. BST Watches is currently led by one of the initial two founders; Tomislav Vrsalovic. The rest of the team includes professionals with a variety of skills including our master watchmaker Osvaldo Matos with over a decade of experience in the industry.

Tomislav Vrsalovic

Co-Founder & Director

"First and foremost, I consider myself a watch enthusiast and collector. That is why I unders tand how stressful and confusing buying and selling watches can be; with the variety of prices on the same pieces from dealer to dealer most people find themselves lost. 

BST Watches was created to make buying and selling fair and simple for any watch collector." 

Tomislav brings over 5 years of experience managing different types of companies from service based to retail. He is incharge of carefully curating the Bstwatches collection, driving sales and conducting key projects.