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The team at Bstwatches knows that selling your watch can be complicated and stressful; that is why we have developed a quick, simple and painless process.

1. Get a Quote

Fill the form below and submit to get a free quote. Bstwatches uses current market data to determine the most competitive price for your piece in less than 24 hours.

2. Mail Your Watch

Ship the watch using a fully-insured label at the agreed quote. Please use bubble wrap and tape all borders of the box to keep the watch safe.

3. Get Paid

Once the watch is receive edit will be authenticated and inspected within 48 hours of delivery. After inspection the final offer will be provided and if accepted the funds will be wired the same day or store credit will be applied to your next purchase.

Bstwatches is proud to offer one of the simplest and safest programs for selling your watch. Our team is extremely responsive and transparent at any point during the process. Please contact us via email or phone for any questions; we would be more than glad to answer them.